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Food Packaging Reduce Production Energy Consumption And Reduce Waste Pollution Oct 26, 2017

With the rapid development of food packaging materials industry and food processing industry, food packaging materials are used in the packaging of food products. But at a time of rapid development, food packaging is also facing great challenges, there are some urgent problems, such as packaging materials security, high-end product design and manufacturing capacity, product packaging and other issues, these problems not only affect the development of food packaging industry, but also directly affect the development of China's food industry.

Paper packaging material is a more traditional food packaging application materials, especially in the petrochemical industry before the development, the vast majority of food packaging is the use of paper-based materials, its own advantages are more prominent, easy processing, environmental pollution and so on, so far in Europe and the United States and other developed countries supermarket shopping still popular paper packaging.

But paper packaging itself is prone to pollution, breeding bacteria and other problems. Include the following:

(1) Paper packaging material itself problems. Paper processing materials have strict requirements, including pure wood pulp for the best raw materials, but in view of the modern society, the price of pure wood pulp is relatively high, used in the production of food packaging economy is poor, many packaging manufacturers will choose to recycle waste paper, straw pulp and other raw materials, resulting in many security risks.

(2) Chemical additive problem. The paper industry is becoming more and more popular in the technology development of additives, including bleach, dyes and so on, these chemicals on the human body has serious damage. In addition, paper packaging itself has a strong permeability characteristics, the use of paper packaging will cause food chemical pollution.

(3) Pollution problems arising from transport. The paper material's mechanical hardness is insufficient, to the outside dust, the bacterium's adsorption force is stronger, the transportation process will cause the food pollution.

Food packaging Materials non-toxic harmless refers to the food production process, the choice of the human body, food and environment non-toxic, harmless and low pollution substances. The poisonous ingredient of food packing material or poisonous residue is absolutely forbidden to use. In order to meet the functional requirements of food packaging, as far as possible not to use composite materials, careful use of the exclusion mix and paint, reduce the use of food packaging materials in the printing.

Through years of practice, consumers of food packaging materials with different degrees of confidence-building. Relatively high confidence is glass, paper and metal.

Many times, however, these experiences are not entirely reliable. For example, some paper packaging products using fluorescent whitening agent processing white, fluorescent whitening agent is a chemical carcinogenic activity of strong aluminum foil food packaging materials, may lead to acute and chronic heavy metal poisoning. Designers and food packaging enterprises should select safe food packaging materials according to relevant laws, regulations and relevant standards.

Now promote eco-environmental protection, different packaging in the process of the need for energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Food packaging manufacturers and food packaging designers should continue to explore the use of low energy consumption of materials, to seek to reduce the packaging material methods, and strive to reduce production energy consumption, reduce waste pollution.

such as the use of degradable materials, edible materials, recycled materials, such as the use of recycled materials with high utilization, low environmental burden, can reduce production energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Degradable food packaging materials after use, through photosynthesis, soil or water in the microbial role, in the natural state of decomposition, and finally return to nature without any poison.

We often use edible packaging materials, such as packaged ice-cream corn toast packaging cups and candy packaging used in Nuomizhi.