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PVC Bags Application Areas Are Also Expanding Oct 11, 2017

PVC Bags is a vacuum plastic film, also known as decorative film, with film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries, in the packaging can be made into the style of PVC bags. PVC transparency can also be noted as needed, because there are ultra-transparent material, common materials and grinding sand material, good pull, not easy to pull rotten, it is not easy to burst mouth, because the two layers of material is between the machine into a PVC bag of.

PVC bag production and processing methods are usually high-frequency hot or car line sewing.

High-frequency hot-pressing PVC bag, that is, PVC film by cutting the sub-cut into pieces, the need to print the first silk (PVC mostly silk screen printing), and then use high-frequency machine hot and cold, generally need to order copper Mold and then to be produced. Hot PVC bag can be pressed into PVC sleeve bag, PVC embedded bag, PVC toothless zipper bag, PVC bag, PVC Zifeng Dai, and other models.

Sewing PVC bag under the printing of good, directly with a flat car or car and other sewing machine sewing machine sewing machine, the general will have nylon zipper and other accessories. ,

With the rapid development of the national economy, PVC bag applications are also expanding. It is reported that as an important branch of packaging materials, PVC bags are widely used in jewelry, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields, the driving force of the industrial economy has a key role. In the case of

1 to a PVC bag if it is flat four corners smooth, if it is three-dimensional so that the six sides should also be flattened, so you can reduce the error caused by manual measurement.

2width measurement is completed, we use a ruler to measure the height of the PVC bag that the above figure D and E straight distance

3.Finally, it is also a very critical step, we need to measure the thickness of PVC bags. In general, the thicker the thickness the higher the price, simply say that a ton of PVC film is fixed, the thicker the thickness, so long and wide on the less. But the thickness of a lot of people stumped. Because the thickness of the PVC film requires a professional measuring tool micrometer.

General PVC film thickness of 15-20C. C is an international measurement unit. (A closer look will see the micrometer with such a unit.) Of course the producer has a special reading, called C for the silk. The concept of C is that 1mm = 100c.10c is 0.1mm. It also shows that the film is very thin, if the PVC film sent 1-2C. Do not feel it out by hand. You must use a thousand points card to measure it.

4.micrometer how to test it, that is, the use of the film placed between A and B, and then turn the CDE, so that A and B slowly fit until A and B to PVC film just caught. So that you can accurately show on the differential tube PVC bag thickness.

5.If the network is directly asked PVC bag customization, how to solve the problem of PVC film thickness it A Ask the customer who wants to make this bag. B. You can send the factory directly to determine the thickness of the PVC film. C. Customized products If you are still in the design, then you can refer to the market has a similar or almost the same sample and then sent to the manufacturer to determine the thickness of PVC film. Or allow manufacturers to provide other customers generally similar to the production of PVC film thickness.