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PVC Bags Application Areas Are Also Growing Oct 26, 2017

PVC is a vacuum blister film, also known as decorative film, adhesive film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries, in the packaging can be made into various styles of PVC bags. PVC transparency can also be rooted in the need, because there is a super transparent material, common material and abrasive sand, tensile good, not easy to rip, also not easy to explode, because the two layers of material between the machine is made of PVC bags

The production and processing methods of PVC bags are usually high frequency hot pressing or sewing.

High-frequency hot-pressing PVC bags, that is, PVC film after cutting into pieces, need to print the first screen printing (most of the PVC screen printing), and then with high-frequency machine hot-pressing, general need to order copper and then to produce. Hot-Pressing PVC bags can be suppressed into PVC sleeve bag, PVC embedding bag, PVC-free zipper bag, PVC handbag, PVC bags, such as a variety of styles.

Car seam PVC bags under the printing good, directly with a flat car or high car sewing machine line sewing, generally will have nylon zipper and other accessories

With the rapid development of the national economy, the application field of PVC bags is also increasing. It is reported that as an important branch of packaging building materials, PVC bags are widely used in jewelry, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields, to the industrial economic pull has a key role.

As people travel needs, PVC plastic products mobile phone waterproof bag by more and more friends favor, the new digital product protection packaging has what characteristics to be so loved to look at the next.

1, for swimming, drifting and diving outdoor activities, within 5-10 meters water depth of 100% waterproof, can dive to answer phone calls or photos, and can drift water. Can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and other drifting enthusiasts.

2, the picture and the camera outside the bag shooting basically no difference, 100% completely sealed. Because it is completely sealed, moisture, dust, mud, sand,PVC bag snow and oil can not harm the camera. Can be operated directly in the protection sleeve. This product can eliminate the digital camera in the sand and sea to play water, sand into the problem, you can shoot, play.

3, waterproof and dustproof seal design, stable and reliable, from TPU cold material production, whether South, north, desert, mountains and rivers, swimming pool seaside, can provide reliable protection for mobile phones, digital cameras, so that the digital camera from the wind, frost, rain, snow, dust, spray, damp moisture,PVC bag perspiration and other hazards, no need to worry about the splash, Hainan's Typhoon rainstorm, Lushan cloud-filled, the Shanghai Meiyu Qingdao damp, drifting spray, beach bathing pool People's slapstick, the desert wonders of the environment and sand dust and so on travel and donkey line of good projects may be harmful to the mobile phone.

4, go to sauna, drifting, swimming, etc., no longer have to worry about no camera/mobile phone in the side and worry. Do not worry about the mobile phone will be soaked with rain and distress. Put your camera/cell phone in the bag, just like you have a protector around you, and no longer feel distressed and wasted because the camera/cell phone is flooded.