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PVC Bags Scientific And Safety Nov 06, 2017

In our daily life, PVC Bags can be said to run through our entire life, they will be used to install documents, sundries, go shopping when used to install food, buy vegetables to buy meat when we are to install food, just because we use a lot of plastic bags, so slowly there are many people worry about " is the plastic bag heated and poisonous?

It is safe to say that it is unsafe and dangerous to put food in a plastic bag directly. The following is a brief discussion about the toxic problem of plastic bag heating, and how to identify toxic plastic bags.

The hot food into the plastic bag, easy to be PVC plastic bag inside the plasticizer pollution, plastic bags into the microwave heating will produce toxic. In order to verify the scientific and safety of this statement, a group has been set up recently to test the speculation.

Finally they came to the conclusion: Plasticizers through PVC Bags directly into the food, and high temperature, high fat is likely to accelerate the plasticizer dissolved real murderer. Therefore, we often think that the convenience of the move is precisely to put their own safety in disregard of.

vigorously promote the use of paper bagged food:

(1), according to scientific research shows that do not have to do the temperature is high, fat content of food directly into the food plastic bag, such words easily lead to plasticizers. Now, a lot of food stores or deli use paper bagged food, this is undoubtedly a worthy of advocating scientific and healthy behavior.

(2), do not put food-loaded PVC Bags directly into the microwave heating, so not only will produce toxic gases, and plasticizers will be directly dissolved.

Teach you how to identify toxic plastic bags:

(1), may use the sensory examination method. Non-toxic plastic bags are white, translucent or colorless transparent, hand touch with a sense of lubrication; toxic plastic bag color is very cloudy or yellow, feel more sticky.

(2) Water test method can be used. The PVC plastic bag is placed in water and put into the bottom, non-toxic plastic bags can surface, toxic plastic bags lower.

(3), water burning test method. Non-toxic plastic bags flammable, flame is blue, burning like a candle tears dripping, there is paraffin flavor, toxic plastic bags are not flammable, out of the fire and a pungent odor.

(4), jitter detection method. Hand Grip PVC plastic bag at one end of the shaking, issued a crisp sound is non-toxic, sound tightness is poisonous.